Security Guards for any reason

Concerts & Special Events

While Gator Guards services a vast array of accounts it started as a Concert security company. Most of the guards are crossed trained at concert and special events to learn customer service and people skills to take to other posts.

If you already have a security guard company, Gator Guards can also provide a Guard Management Team that will take over the security aspect of your poroject, allowing you to concentrate on the important things.

Apartments, Condos, Construction

From a Concierge Service to 24/7 Security coverage Gator Guards can adjust to fit not only your needs but also yourbudget and also provide real time reports as well as customer report access 24 hours a day to help you know exactly what is going on at your property. Gator Guards can also provide access point coverage such as in office, business, and government type settings.

Any type of Festival

Gator guards can provide security guards and event staff for any type of festival, from overnight guards, ticketing, bag checks, access points, vendor protection and we can even provide a cleaning crew after the event.

Security for any purpose 24/7



Office Buildings


Special Events

Sporting Events


Movie Sets


Construction Sites

Car Lots



Medical Facilities